Our team

Danielle Mazzotta

Executive Assistant & Lab Manager


Danielle Mazzotta is an ambitious and driven Executive Assistant with more than 10 years experience supporting Triple-A Presidents in various industries. As a natural organizer and planner, she is particularly skilled at zeroing in on business priorities, maximizing schedules and implementing companywide processes that drive results. At R-LABS, Danielle is responsible for supporting day-to-day operations in the Lab and providing executive support to our CEO & Founder, George Carras. 

Danielle is also passionate about helping others achieve their professional and personal goals – both in and out of the Lab. Her ability to motivate people and love for fast-paced environments has made her a valuable leader in several fitness circles. In particular, Danielle keeps others on their toes as a dance enthusiast and certified barre instructor.

Certifications & Credentials:

  • Diploma in Business Administration and HR Management from Seneca College