R-LABS is Pleased to Announce the Founding Members of its New Industry Issue + Transformation Council

Real Estate and Housing is something that we are literally all in together as consumers, industry and government. Yet the market is facing an abundance of critical, complicated problems that governments need help solving, so industry innovation is required.

R-LABS is the real estate industry venture builder, created in 2018 as a partnership of corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, and institutional investors. Our mission is to build purpose-driven companies that solve major problems in real estate and deliver industry innovation.

As a venture builder, R-LABS is unique in three main ways: our problem focus in the real estate and housing industry, our open innovation programs, and our partnership structure.

R-LABS has been built for industry innovation and has been working with industry leaders in Canada across various real estate and housing sub-sectors since its inception. The formation of the new R-LABS Industry Issue + Transformation (I+T) Council now expands our abilities to generate, disseminate and help the real estate industry absorb much needed innovation.

Our learnings in innovation have been influenced by the work of many subject matter experts including Henry Chesbrough of UC Berkeley, who helped articulate innovation as a system of three facets: 

  1. Innovation Generation (create the innovation)

  2. Innovation Dissemination (get the innovation out to the market)

  3. Innovation Absorption (ensure people know how to use the innovation).

Why did we form the I+T Council and what does it do?

As a problem-focused venture builder, the I+T Council helps R-LABS and its partner venture companies define problems and identify relevant stakeholders, including various levels of government, policy makers and regulators.    

Major problems are clustered, aligned, broken down, measured, valued and given KPIs as they are brought into R-LABS for industry innovation and venture building.

The I+T Council also helps coordinate the deployment of R-LABS resources back into their industry sub-sectors around relevant issues, bringing new skills, solution vehicles and opportunities to members through the R-LABS venture building and open innovation programs.

With the assistance of the I+T Council across all areas of the R-LABS industry venture building and open innovation process, R-LABS can more effectively transfer innovation across the various real estate sub-sectors and align stakeholders at every opportunity to deliver positive change.

The I+T Council will meet as a group on a quarterly basis, and some of the initial focus areas will include the Canadian housing supply, climate impact issues, commercial real estate ESG, and the innovation ecosystem. 

Watch this space for more exciting updates! 

Who are the I+T Council members?

We’re proud to have gathered some of the brightest minds and most passionate innovators in the Canadian housing and commercial real estate space to found the I+T Council. This group has already been working with R-LABS and our venture partner companies individually and are now working together as a group through R-LABS to deliver industry innovation.  

Check out the I+T Council members’ full bios to learn more about what makes this diverse group so special.

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