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The 2024 Innovation Agenda for Canadian Real Estate

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R-LABS Industry Issue + Transformation Council

Real estate and housing are critical and complicated, and governments need help.  Industry innovation is essential to solving the many interrelated problems. However, it requires a detailed understanding of the problems, their vectors, and how to include various levels of governments, policy makers and regulators to bring transformative change to the industry. 

R-LABS seeks the council of trusted industry leaders with deep and diverse expertise who will help us better understand industry problems, surface potential obstacles, and draw connections with other issues. The Industry Issue + Transformation Council (I+T Council) works closely with our teams to provide input at every stage of our venture process. Through R-LABS and the I+T Council, industry innovation is more effectively aligned and transferred across the real estate and housing sub-sectors.

David Wilkes

President & CEO of the Building Industry & Land Development Association (BILD)

Debbie Stewart

VP, Innovation and Partnerships at the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Michael Brooks

CEO of the Real Property Association of Canada (REALPAC)

Salima Rawji

President and CEO, York University Development Corporation

Jerome S. Engel

Adjunct Professor Emeritus at Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley

Jeff King

CEO of Greater Vancouver Realtors (GVR)

Thomas Mueller

President and CEO, Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC)

Mary Ormond

Chief Legal Counsel & Corporate Secretary, CreateTO

Richard Lyall

President, Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON)

Tony Irwin

President & CEO federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario

The I+T Council that R-LABS formed is providing an open innovation framework to solve some of the toughest challenges in this industry. I’m excited for the opportunity to collaborate with this team of thought leaders to look into housing solutions that will transform real estate and the community at large.

John DiMichele, CEO TRREB

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