R-LABS = Return on Investment + Return on Society

Innovation and venture play key roles in the long-term value creation strategy of a corporation, as we outlined in this insights post.

Whether your corporation’s core business model is inside or outside of real estate, the R-LABS platform has the unique ability to deliver strategic value creation.

Components of the R-LABS platform


As a Limited Partner (LP)
in the R-LABS partnership, the corporate LP owns equity in all existing and future companies.


As investment opportunities are made available, the R-LABS investment policy allows the corporate LPs to make direct investments.


Through our Open Innovation and Co-Creation programs, R-LABS enables a new way for corporate LPs to create strategic value in emerging and new businesses while expanding their core business.


Our proven approach to venture building

We love a big problem and bring fresh thinking and bold business models with the right partners and process to create industry level innovation in real estate.
We match the right entrepreneurs to the right ventures and seek real evidence with them. We test every assumption, leveraging our knowledge and learnings from previous ventures and with deep market engagement, to iterate products, solutions and business model elements.
We take our hypotheses to market to test actual customers’ willingness to engage and pay for our proposed solutions.
We co-create a new company with a founding team, capital and a staging plan, and introduce it into a primed marketplace.
We support our young partner company with early capabilities including recruiting, marketing, technology, legal, accounting and finance. R-LABS leverages our partners and network to create the best environment for revenue generation and staging for future growth.
We expand support for our growing partner company and its team, with strategic relationships and resources to scale its growth.


How R-LABS venture building helps innovative corporations

Better Economics

Founder Economics

Higher equity than typical VCs due to ‘founder economics’

Less Dilution

Lower build costs, reducing the need for higher funding and dilution

Deal with Flow Access

Access for investors to co-invest in new R-LABS ventures

Knowledge Assets

Reuse winnings and learnings in successive ventures

Better Chance of Success

Better Ideation

Opportunities sourced internally and from partners, not waiting for external deal flow

Talent Access & Retention

Attract top talent that standalone ventures cannot. Retain talent from within large organization in owned ventures

Deal Flow Access

Shared talent, infrastructure and clients to increase success

Brand Effect

Leverage venture builder brand to bring credibility and help in hiring and fundraising
Partnering with R-LABS enables us to further our strategic vision for building stronger communities and economies. Connecting our organizations allows for the betterment of the Canadian real estate industry at large.

Lets work on a new
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