“Someone who takes resources from a lower level of productivity to a higher level of productivity”.

– Jean-Baptiste, French economist

We Appreciate Entrepreneurs

At R-LABS, we appreciate entrepreneurs and that means two things. One, that we invest in helping them and those around them understand who they are and what makes them tick – everything from their strengths and passions to their unique talents. And two, that we also help them grow to become a bigger and better version of themselves.

Entrepreneurs take their future into their own hands. They accept extraordinary risks in the pursuit of ventures that most people around them can’t understand. And while historically 80-90% of these ventures fail, the cumulative efforts of entrepreneurs over time have changed the world that we live in.

We believe that great entrepreneurs are egoless learners with a clear purpose. They choose an entrepreneurial life as an art form in their pursuit of freedom. Sometimes they find their purpose. Sometimes their purpose finds them.

If you are an entrepreneur with a passion for solving a big problem in real estate and housing, R-LABS is your ideal partner. Through our unique venture builder platform, we not only provide early-stage venture validation, assistance in HR, legal, technology, financing, accounting, and space, freeing you up to focus on what you do best, but we also lead the investment and bring the ideal partners to bear in new real estate venture.

Our Relationships with Entrepreneurs

At R-LABS, we are rooted in two fundamental relationships with our entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR)

The EIR works with the Lab to identify a new venture and then works through our venture process to validate, launch and grow a new company.


An entrepreneur co-founds an existing R-LABS venture to bring a validated concept to market.


Our proven approach to venture building

We love a big problem and bring fresh thinking and bold business models with the right partners and process to create industry level innovation in real estate.
We match the right entrepreneurs to the right ventures and seek real evidence with them. We test every assumption, leveraging our knowledge and learnings from previous ventures and with deep market engagement, to iterate products, solutions and business model elements.
We take our hypotheses to market to test actual customers’ willingness to engage and pay for our proposed solutions.
We co-create a new company with a founding team, capital and a staging plan, and introduce it into a primed marketplace.
We support our young partner company with early capabilities including recruiting, marketing, technology, legal, accounting and finance. R-LABS leverages our partners and network to create the best environment for revenue generation and staging for future growth.
We expand support for our growing partner company and its team, with strategic relationships and resources to scale its growth.


The support the Lab offers

With R-LABS, you can focus on what you do best and we can help with:

Industry Partners & Advisors


Early-Stage Venture Validation


Human Resources & Recruiting

Office Space

Finance & Accounting

As a supporter and investor from day one, R-LABS has been an important strategic partner to Assembly on our journey to becoming a leader in innovative and sustainable, mid-rise housing solutions..