Our team

Roy Liu

Head of Technology


Roy Liu is a seasoned technologist with a passion for designing, developing and deploying innovative business platforms. Over the course of his career, Roy has developed a reputation for creating robust solutions that enable teams to work cohesively and support the overarching business objectives. His areas of expertise include product design, system architecture, cloud infrastructure, and the software delivery lifecycle. In his role at R-LABS, Roy will work closely with the executive team to inform our technology strategy, create development plans for our ventures and validate solutions for the market.

Roy’s flare for problem solving is an asset both in and out of the Lab. As a Torontonian, he is most passionate about advancements in urban planning and community welfare – from transportation, to mixed-use development, to homelessness. When he’s not building great solutions, Roy is travelling the world and looking for opportunities to learn and grow.

Certifications & Credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from York University

Tony Irwin

President & CEO federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario