R-LABS & PwC Help Grow Our Future Innovators

On February 26th, R-LABS partnered with PwC to host the “Turning Innovation Into Action” event – a NextGen workshop that helps young business owners meet fellow innovators and develop their ideas. The event was facilitated by George Carras, Founder & CEO of R-LABS; Fred Cassano, a PwC Partner and business advisor for private real estate companies; and Eugene Bomba, a PwC Partner and technology specialist. Following the event, Fred sat down with R-LABS to share his key takeaways.

For the past three years, PwC has been working with industry partners to host and facilitate our NextGen Program which aims to help build the next generation of leaders – including successors of private businesses and young entrepreneurs. When we established our partnership with R-LABS, we knew it was a natural fit. They shared our commitment to the next generation of innovators, and together, we knew there was an opportunity to create a unique learning environment for our participants.

Our goal was to facilitate a conversation about the barriers to innovation from a NextGen perspective so we could help them take action on innovation and improve their strategies. The workshop required them to not only be spectators but also to participate in the ideation process. We wanted our guests to walk away with insights from our experts and their fellow participants so they can take action in their businesses. It’s a great opportunity for them to apply what they’ve learned while it’s still fresh in their mind and make professional connections with individuals who can support them along the way.

Artifact created by cartoonist at the R-LABS/PwC Next Gen Event.

With every event we host, our audience continues to grow. Our last event with R-LABS had more than 50 participants in addition to mentors from both PwC and R-LABS. We’re also seeing a number of repeat attendees who are leveraging their new networks to refine their ideas. Going forward with the NextGen Program, we’re looking for ways to build on these workshops and further support the ideation process. Our participants want to help solve key issues affecting housing and commercial real estate, as well as other relevant issues that exist within their companies. R-LABS provides a unique platform for people to grow their skills and test their ideas in an incubator setting where there are fewer risks for failing when compared to their company environments. It all aligns with R-LABS’ mantra of “winning and learning.”

“Awesome night with R-LABS team and PwC folks. My objective in attending was to re-fresh my idea inventory and was not disappointed. Feel like I could’ve checked out after first 15 mins and left with a new, fresh and full plate of ideas and opportunities.Wonderful evening from start to finish!” -Bob Langlois, NextGen participant

As we look to the future, it’s important that we continue to help the next generation bring fresh thinking to all industries. More and more, organizations are bringing on Chief Technology Officers as part of their core executive team – highlighting the value of technology and innovation on a global stage. Having grown up in a digital world, the next generations will help shape the way we leverage technology in our solutions and ultimately, they will play a key role in changing business. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to help mentor the next generation of leaders through our NextGen Program and look forward to watching their journeys unfold. 

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