You Won’t Go It Alone

After matching an EIR with a market-driven problem or bringing co-founders together, R-LABS continues to provide support to help you scale your venture.

0 | Ideation

We love a big problem and bring fresh thinking and bold business models with the right partners and process to create industry level innovation in real estate.

01 | Assessment

We match the right entrepreneurs to the right ventures and seek real evidence with them. We test every assumption, leveraging our knowledge and learnings from previous ventures and with deep market engagement, to iterate products, solutions and business model elements.

02 | Validation

Take your hypotheses and connect with prospective customers in our network. You'll get a sense of their willingness to engage and pay for your proposed solution.

03 | Genesis

Get help rounding out your founding team, raising seed capital, and writing your go-to-market plan

04 | Pilot

Leverage our internal team for recruiting, marketing, technology, legal, accounting and finance until you're ready to hire in-house players. Meanwhile, leverage our partners and network to create the best environment for your revenue generation and scaling to future growth.

05 | Growth

Access strategic relationships and other financial resources to scale your company's growth.

Build with us

Through the R-LABS network, and you’ll access

Industry Partners & Advisors


Early-Stage Venture Validation


Human Resources 
& Recruiting


Finance & Accounting

Office Space

Let’s work on a new
venture together