Expanding access to homeownership by opening the door to co-ownership

Problem Overview

Co-ownership eases the housing affordability crisis, but carries its own unique set of challenges. Many buyers don’t fit into the traditional real estate transaction flow and conventional financing is inadequate for personal co-buying arrangements. The potential for creating incompatible co-buying partnerships is high while legal co-living arrangements are nascent and expensive to create. Combined, these friction points are costly, time-consuming barriers to homeownership under the current co-buying model.

Solution Overview

Ownablii is a fintech-enabled transaction platform that expands access to homeownership through an innovative co-ownership-as-a-service model. Addressing the obstacles preventing homebuyers from entering into a co-ownership transaction, the platform guides users through every step of the process, from education and creating harmonious ‘buying tribes’, to financing and timely exit plans. Ownablii’s backend transaction engine and tailored legal, financing, and compatibility solutions streamline the co-ownership and co-habitation journey for buyers making homeownership more accessible.




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