Building a Global Cluster of Innovation in Real Estate and Housing

A Special Gathering of the Industry Innovation Partners at R-LABS

November 28th, 2022
3:00pm – 6:00pm
123 Front St. West, Suite 300

Event Details

R-LABS has come a long way in a short period of time, growing companies and expanding its partnerships. R-LABS realizes that there is much good work that needs to be done, but finds itself today gaining momentum by transforming a problem rich environment in real estate and housing with the right model, at the right time, in the right place. In an act of broader awareness, the Partners of R-LABS are holding an invitation-only-event to explore the expanding role of industry innovation through an Industry Innovation Agenda, and what that could mean not just for R-LABS and the industry, but for the region, the country and the world – critically looking at the evidence of a Global Cluster of Innovation (COI) in Real Estate and Housing in its early formation.

The event will feature a presentation by Jerome (Jerry) Engel, Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley (Haas), and renowned author of Global Clusters of Innovation: Entrepreneurial Engines of Economic Growth Around the World and Clusters of Innovation in the Age of Disruption. This presentation will offer context to other Global Clusters of Innovation, discuss the roles of corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, and set the stage for the panel and group discussions.

Following the presentation, Michael Brooks will moderate a panel discussion on industry innovation in real estate and housing with our esteemed group of panelists – Benjamin Tal, CIBC World Markets; Steve Mennill, CMHC; Jan De Silva, Toronto Region Board of Trade; Yung Wu, MaRS Discovery District; and Blake Hutcheson, OMERS. Each panelist will draw upon their unique knowledge, providing insights on the highest priority and discuss the concept of an Innovation Agenda.

The group will also create an artifact that will document their views on the key opportunities that can be realized through industry innovation and the greatest strengths of the region in its delivery. We anticipate this to be a highly informative and engaging event.

The event was a great success. Please see the photos below.